Life Goes On !!

2 05 2006

Life is not about knowledge gained, it’s about the action involved.

                                                                                       – Anonymous

Another day passed with lot of hopes seting down along with the sun and lot more self confessions coming up with the moon. Sun will again come to meet me and to give me new desires and this moon will remind me to not to repeat the same confessions again. This is life and the only thing true about it is, it goes on.

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2 05 2006

Life does go on…until the end.

Blessings on yours,


3 05 2006

one of my favourite sher floats into my head right now.

“dil naaumeed toh nahi, nakaam hi toh hai..
lambi hai ghum ki shaam magar shaam hi toh hai..”

-faiz ahmed faiz

5 05 2006

Good to think positive …….After all one step further in life….brings us one step closer to then end ….or perhaps ..a new beginning.

5 05 2006

Life definitely goes on………within you …….and without you !!!!

So Live ur life to d fullest ……
Tomorrow is a new day;
you shall begin it serenely
and with too high a spirit to
be encumbered with your old
nonsense…… 🙂

15 03 2007

Life goes on… thats true but it also gives u opportunities and moments to proove urself. It depends on u how to grab the oppotunities and make best out of them…. true life goes on….

15 03 2007
Saurabh Chandola

i wna drop in the notion that life is abt gleaning up knwledge frm the introspection and retospection of urself and blended with the past experinces and the premonition to some extent its substaintially abt the knowldg churning

however i aso vouch that one must not wrangle over an ass shadow in mooting thru out his life he shud be audacious enugh to take the nimble footed step whenevr it calls

so its a dichotomus aspect that one shud clip the brain storming thru out his life and wid it he shud be able to take relevant action

18 04 2007
rupali tyagi

yeah..true goes on…whatever happens… in the end you always find youself learning more..and moving ahead..with life…

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